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Fed actions and goals, will money printing ever end?

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Hi FedGuy,

What is your opinion on fed tapering and rising rates? Will it result in asset price correction, specifically in real estate and stock markets? Or from now on its only going to go up?

Also, according to Steven van Metre, fed will continue to do QE and once it suppress the yields on the long end of the curve capital will move from corporate bonds to us treasuries which will result in a stock market crash. What are your thoughts about that? In case you agree, how long would such event last?

Does fed/us govt have a end goal with this massive money printing or they will continue until we end up in hyper inflation? Do they plan to deflate assets in some controlled manner or there is no way about that?




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Joseph Wang
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Tapering will be off-set by issuance cuts, so I don't think its a big deal (see this post for more details). I think deficit spending is inflationary and asset price friendly, so I would watch that to see how things unfold.